Springfield announces Earth Day cleanup and celebration

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri (KY3/Edited News Release) — Springfield will mark Earth Day with several cleanups and celebrations next week.
Earth Day is April 22 every year.The annual commemoration aims to show support for environmental protection.
Since its first recognition in 1970, the landmark Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, and many other groundbreaking environmental programs have been passed since Earth Day.
In addition to these events, Springfield Environmental Services will host a special virtual screening of the “EnviroFlick” film series, “2040: Rebirth,” which can be viewed at home from April 15-24.
Guided by the voices of 100 child respondents who describe what they would like to see in the world by 2040, the documentary draws people from around the world on climate, economics, technology, civil society, Education, agriculture and sustainable development evoke a positive picture of the “possible” rather than the negative future that is often presented.
“We loved the positive and inspiring vibe of this documentary,” explained Laurie Davis, Environmental Services Education Outreach Coordinator.”There are so many good stories of innovation, progress and hope for change that we can all learn more about and help support moving our planet forward in environmental stewardship.”
EnviroFlick Film Screening attendees are encouraged to fill out the online registration form and share their vision for Earth 2040.Follow the discussion and join at facebook.com/SGFEnvironmentalServices.

Post time: Apr-15-2022