Inventory of Endoscopy Market in the New Era

Endoscope generally refers to a medical instrument that enters the human body through various pipes to observe the internal conditions of the human body. It integrates traditional optics, ergonomics, precision machinery, modern electronics, mathematics, and software.  And some endoscopes also have therapeutic functions, such as cystoscopy, gastroscope, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, laparoscopy, etc.

Endoscopy has always been a field with a low rate of localization of medical devices. The domestic endoscope market is highly concentrated and is basically monopolized by foreign manufacturers. According to the data of China’s medical device industry development report, in the field of rigid endoscope equipment, the top three companies of Karlstos, Olympus and Stryker occupy more than 80% of the market share. Whie for flexible endoscope market, technical barriers are relatively high, mainly the three manufacturers of Japanese brand Olympus (more than 60% of the market share), Pentax, and Fuji, which almost monopolize the domestic flexible endoscope market.

In below is an overview of representative manufacturers of endoscopes:

Olympus, Japan: Founded in 1919, it is one of the representative companies of precision and optical technology in Japan and even in the world. In 1950, it was the first in the world to develop endoscopes that play an extremely important role in the field of cancer prevention and treatment. Business areas include medical, life science, imaging equipment, etc.
Fujifilm, Japan: Fujifilm has now become a global leader in the field of imaging and information. As the world’s largest manufacturer of photosensitive materials, it is world-renowned and has won the trust and praise of users around the world. Medical imaging business is one of the company’s main businesses.
Pentax, Japan:  the world’s oldest and most authoritative optical manufacturer. In the field of medical devices, Pentax launched the first fiberoptic bronchoscope in 1977 with its powerful optical technology, which was very popular in the market. After continuous development, Pentax has formed two major fields of fiberoptic and electronic endoscope It has developed a complete product system and has become a well-known endoscope manufacturer in the market.
Stryker: It is a leader in the global medical device industry with an extensive product line in the medical field. The company continuously promotes the development of endoscopy technology, and took the lead in developing the first digital three-chip camera system and the first high-definition (High Definition) camera system. As an industry leader, Stryker’s endoscopic system is gradually promoting the development of minimally invasive surgery.
KarlStoze: Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Turingen, Germany, it is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of minimally invasive surgical endoscopy equipment and instruments. Its products cover ENT, stomatology, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, and cardiovascular surgery. , thoracic surgery, urology, anorectal surgery, gynecology and many other departments of minimally invasive medical devices.
Richardwolf: Founded in 1947, it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of endoscopic diagnostic and therapeutic products, with more than 1,400 employees, 7 subsidiaries and 120 regional offices worldwide, with products involved in ENT, neurosurgery, Orthopedic surgery, thoracic and abdominal  surgery, urology, gynecology, gastroenterology, etc.


Post time: May-31-2022