2021 China Endoscopy Industry Annual Conference


It has been nearly 70 years since the development of medical endoscopy in China. Due to CCD chip, medical endoscopy in China has gradually fallen behind foreign countries since the 1990s. At the beginning of the 20th century, the gap widened further. It was very difficult for China's endoscopic enterprises in this period. But there are still a lot of enterprises insist in the field, it is because of their insistence that the development of medical endoscopy in our country retains the key spark.

In 21st century, CMOS in Korea has matured. Domestic medical endoscopic enterprises usher in a new wave of opportunities. But it also faces more serious challenges! First of all, foreign brands have established a very perfect service system in the domestic market, includes personnel training and service. At the same time, the psychological pursuit of domestic capital also greatly limited the development of domestic medical endoscopy. As the cycle of the medical industry is very long, it takes 3 years from enterprise research and development to conservative sales. They should invest all your capital for developing in endoscopy.This not only requires perseverance and courage, but also require patriotism.

Therefore, in order to push forward the development of the medical endoscopy in China, the alliance and the expert group jointly launched the selection of the medical endoscopy, in order to commend the outstanding enterprises in the endoscopy. The selection lasted 50 days and was divided into three stages: the first stage was registration and nomination stage, the second stage was online voting, and the third stage was expert voting. A total of 7 outstanding domestic endoscopy brands, 4 domestic endoscopy innovation enterprises, 11 outstanding domestic endoscopy supply chain enterprises were selected. And on December 9th, the annual meeting of Chinese medical endoscopy will be held on the spot for the award winning enterprises!

Post time: Dec-15-2021