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Disposable Foreign Body Removal is used in the endoscopic retrieval of foreign body, food bolus and excised tissue including polyps.


endoscope parts

Composed of clamp head, outer tube, cable, handle, etc. The major material is PE ,Tyvek(1059b).


Rotatable Handle Design – Rotatable handle design enables 1-to-1 rotation of the net, aiding in difficult anatomical locations

Deep Pouch – Enables optimal retrieval of a variety of foreign bodies

Durability – Able to retain loop stability and shape after retrievals


scope parts

The product is used in combination with endoscope to remove and remove foreign bodies from human digestive tract forceps.  



Founded in 2010, Hangzhou Xinzeyuan Precise Products Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which is committed and expertise in development and application of precise components and medical parts, major as below:

1) Endoscope Bending Section, 40% of products are Olympus ,Pentax, Storz and Fujinon brand, but 60% are OEM products as our customer's requirements, they mainly use the bending section in Urology scope , Bronchi scope and laryngendoscope. This year we had made more bending section for disposable endoscope ,they are large demands on these two year because of Covid-19.  Also we have some special diameters , such as  OD-2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7,2.8 ...... 

2) Disposable biopsy forceps ,  we made the products since 10 years ago.  we produce 6000,000 pcs each year, its common cooperation is OEM & ODM.

3) Endoscope metal spare parts ,   we are main OEM producer through getting drawing from customers ,  they had different designed products each project . we have made lots of the Distal head, air water nozzle, Y-pipe, c cover and so on...

In 2022 year, we will add more production lines, insertion tube, disposable foreign body removal, disposable electrosurgical snare and so on.  

Welcome for any OEM or ODM.

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Disposable Foreign Body Removal Retrieval Nets  gastroscope parts endoscope parts scope parts
Pelican Type Grasping Forceps  
3-Prong Type Grasping Forceps 

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