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The introduction of Medical endoscope system

Medical endoscope system mainly consists of equipment system and surgical instrument system.  Surgical instrument systems are classified by department or operation name.  There are endoscopes, special instruments, surgical instruments and disposable surgical consumables used by various departments.  In the equipment system, we can usually be divided into: camera imaging system, image recording system, light source system, artificial pneumatic system, liquid pressure system, electric coagulation and electric cutting system, dynamic ablation system, flushing and suction system and so on.  

Endoscopic repair status

After long-term maintenance of operating room instruments and equipment, faults can be divided into complex faults, moderate faults and simple faults according to the difficulty of maintenance and the size of faults.  According to statistical analysis, the probability of complex failure is only 15% (such as the main engine and main circuit failure). Due to various conditions, this part of the failure is difficult to be completed within a short time in the operating room, so the machine must be removed for maintenance.  Medium faults account for about 25%, and simple faults have reached about 60%, among which improper use or operation errors caused by faults account for about 30%.  No matter what kind of failure, we must understand the working principle of the instrument, with rich maintenance experience and technology to deal with.  

Insertion Tube Introduction


Our Major products applied mainly in 4 endoscopes: Gastroscope, Colonoscope, Bronchus and Slim endoscopes. Below models: GIF-160, GIF-Q180, GIF-H180, GIF-Q160 EG-2470, CF-H180AL, EG-2970K, CF-HQ190AL, EG-250WI5, EG-250W, CF-Q160AL, CF-Q160L, CF-Q160I, CF-Q180I, EC-250-HL5, EC-3490LI...will be soon to you.

Company Profile

Also, Our company can make the OEM products for the endoscope manufacturer, such as c cover, endoscope fitting, bending mesh, bending section,coil pipe, coil pipe assembly, distal head, bending section assembly, Y pipe and so on. If you have any inquiry or any product we don’t show, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will provide the newest product lists for you asap.

Cause of replacing the insertion tube

Phenomenon Point of failure Probably reason- For referrence General Solution- For referrence
Check the apparence Fading and distortion Incomplete cleaning - The disinfectant solidifies the protein Replace the insertion tube
Improper cleaning and disinfection - chemical corrosion - dirt rust
Improper automatic disinfection machine - water and air supply pressure is too large and broken
Bending Tube fall off from the insertion tube Aging of fixed adhesive Replace the insertion tube
Spiral pipe fall off from the insertion tube Water leakage corrodes the weld or glue Replace the insertion tube

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