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The product we produced is called "coilpipe assembly ", it is mainly composed of "CNC machine parts" and "spring tube".Also for it is an assembly, so we can say it means it is combined by coilpipe and endoscope fitting. It is produced and assembled finally by CNC machine,  widely used in the field of endoscope, and is used to install on the insertion part of the endoscope, it control the direction once the doctor need to the see more images in other direction in the human body, the endoscope can be easily change its direction to help doctor get more information. The spring tube assembly we produce is usually made of 304 material, the material will let the part to be perform more stable and durable.

Company Profile

Hangzhou Xinzeyuan Precision Products Co., Ltd. is located in China, it is a very professional high-tech company which will try their best to meet the requirements of our customers’. In 2022, we will get more productions lines to get more new products to satify our customers’ requirements. Insertion Tube, light guide tube will be our mainly products, will soon to you. Our production teams have rich production experience, they will use high-precision production machines to polish products, this product can meet the endoscope spare parts size error standard, within production deviation, can accept strict product precision checking.  In addition, we implement strict product quality inspection, including material checking, process control and final check to get a good performance of our products. 

Our customers

Since the launch of coilpipe assembly after the market analysis, we have get many orders from the customers from many countries, such as America, South of America, Europe and so on. Also it has been recognized by Chinese, have get more sales compared to similar products,at the same time, we have been highly recognized by customers.

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